Our team of expert geotechnical engineers delivers reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet the foundation, pavement, and slope stability needs of hotels and resorts, ensuring a safe and long-lasting environment for guests to enjoy.

Geotechnical engineering is essential in the design and construction of hotels and resorts. Our team of experienced geotechnical engineers work closely with architects, developers and construction teams to ensure that the foundation and structure of hotels and resorts are designed to withstand the test of time while also keeping construction costs under control. From soil evaluations to slope stability analysis and foundation design, our experts have the expertise to deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.

In addition to foundation design, our team also provides pavement and other geotechnical services that ensure safe and enjoyable experiences for guests. This includes analyzing soil conditions for the construction of parking lots and driveways, evaluating pavement performance, and providing recommendations for pavement rehabilitation and maintenance.

Geotechnical engineering plays a vital role in the successful planning, design, and construction of these facilities. Our engineers have experience that can help provide solutions for various hotel and resort infrastructure sector projects, such as:

  • Hotel and buildings
  • Resort Complexes
  • Conference and convention centers
  • Spa and wellness centers
  • Golf courses and country clubs
  • Recreational facilities
  • Parking structures and access roads
  • Landscaped areas and gardens
  • Coastal and waterfront developments

Our design services include:

  • Site investigation
  • Foundations
  • Ground Improvement
  • Settlement analysis
  • Slope Stability
  • Pavement Design
  • Retaining wall
  • Engineering services during construction