Transform the next infrastructure projects with our unmatched geotechnical expertise - Discover foundation solutions that optimize your budget, deliver exceptional performance, and overcome the most challenging site conditions.

Geotechnical engineering plays a critical role in the transportation industry as it involves the design and construction of infrastructure, such as highways, bridges, tunnels, and airports. The performance of these structures is heavily influenced by the geologic and soil conditions at the site, which can affect the stability, durability, and safety of the infrastructure.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the subsurface conditions to develop appropriate design solutions that can mitigate the risks associated with geologic hazards, such as landslides, sinkholes, and earthquakes. Geotechnical engineering helps ensure that infrastructure is built to withstand the challenges presented by these geologic hazards, ensuring safe and efficient transportation for the public.

With over 15-year of experience working on public sector projects, we understand geotechnical needs of government agencies. Our engineers have again and again provided solutions from a sidewalk project to Wastewater treatment plants. We understand the simplicity and complexity of these projects and customize our solution to meet those needs. We work closely with our clients and government agencies to provide timely solutions. We have experience with various delivery methods and understand the complexity of each delivery method.

In addition, your firm can help support the government agencies through various delivery methods, such as design-build, construction management, or public-private partnerships. By working closely with stakeholders and other project team members, we can ensure that the geotechnical requirements are adequately addressed throughout the project's lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and maintenance.

Geotechnical engineering plays a vital role in the successful planning, design, and construction of these facilities. Our engineers have experience that can help provide solutions for various public sector projects, such as:

  • Public buildings
  • Parks/Trails/Sidewalks
  • Interstate/Secondary Roads
  • Highways/Bridges
  • Causeway
  • Heavy Rail/Transit
  • Airports
  • Military installations
  • Emergency response facilities
  • Dams/Levees
  • Tunnels and underground structures
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure

Our design services include:

  • Foundations
  • Settlement analysis
  • Liquefaction
  • Pavement design
  • Slope and global stability
  • Stormwater management basins
  • Geotechnical instrumentation
  • Karst surveys
  • Engineering services during construction