Trust your mission-critical data center to our geotechnical engineering expertise - Discover how our innovative foundation solutions can provide unparalleled reliability, security, and performance for your most demanding projects.

Precise and reliable geotechnical engineering is crucial to the success of any construction project, including data centers. By analyzing and understanding the unique geological conditions and site-specific requirements, our geotechnical engineers can recommend the most appropriate foundation design and materials that balance performance and cost-effectiveness.

For example, when it comes to rock excavation and blasting, geotechnical data and analysis can ensure that the methods used are both safe and efficient, minimizing potential damage to surrounding infrastructure. Geotechnical engineering can also predict and mitigate foundation settlement and vibrations, which is particularly important in the case of sensitive data center equipment.

In the long term, geotechnical engineering plays a critical role in maintaining the structural reliability and safety of data center infrastructure. Techniques such as soil stabilization or dynamic compaction can limit foundation settlement and reduce the risk of long-term damage to data center equipment. Advanced monitoring and instrumentation can also detect potential issues early on, preventing costly repairs and retrofits in the future.

In addition to foundation design and soil stabilization, geotechnical engineering can also address other important aspects of data center construction, such as corrosion and electrical resistivity of soils. Corrosion is a common concern in buried structures, such as underground utility lines and grounding systems. By analyzing the chemical and physical properties of the soil, our geotechnical engineers can recommend the most suitable materials for these applications and design solutions to minimize the risk of corrosion.

Electrical resistivity is another critical factor that can affect the performance and safety of data center infrastructure. The electrical resistivity of soils can impact the grounding systems, which are essential for electrical safety and protection against lightning strikes. Through geotechnical analysis and testing, our engineers can determine the electrical resistivity of the soil and design the grounding systems accordingly, ensuring reliable and safe operation of the data center.

Overall, our reliable geotechnical engineers can help data center projects optimize foundation design and materials selection, reduce construction costs, and ensure that performance and safety requirements are met. By investing in precise geotechnical analysis and expertise, data center projects can achieve long-term success and sustainability.

Our design services include:

  • Foundations
  • Ground Improvement
  • Settlement analysis
  • Slope Stability
  • Geotechnical instrumentation
  • Engineering services during construction