Selecting the correct drilling methods are crucial for obtaining accurate and comprehensive subsurface data, which is essential for any geotechnical engineering project. Different soil and rock formations require different drilling techniques and equipment. Using the wrong drilling method can result in inaccurate data and potentially compromise the stability and safety of the project. Selecting the wrong drilling method can also increase the cost and time required for the project. In addition to the type of soil and rock, other factors such as groundwater levels and site accessibility must be considered when selecting the drilling method. Therefore, selecting the correct drilling method is essential to ensure the accuracy of the data obtained, mitigate potential risks, and ensure the stability and safety of the construction site.


We understand the importance of accurate and reliable subsurface data, which is why we have strategic partners that collect high-quality geotechnical data (drilling or In-situ) under our observation. As a result, it provides important information regarding the subsurface conditions, which is crucial for the design of safe and reliable structures. Based on our geology experience, we can anticipate potential challenges during field investigation and adapt the drilling approach in the field before it is too late.

We understand the importance of safety in geotechnical field investigations. Our focus is on ensuring that everyone involved in the investigation, including our employees, contractors, and clients, goes home safely at the end of the day. We take a proactive approach to safety, with regular training and safety procedures in place to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.